2020-2021 PLANS

The 2020-2021 school year will look pretty different from a normal year with FEF – we’re hoping to focus on pre-production education (workshops! speaker events! script seminars!), run a few remote filmmaking contests, and ideally if conditions allow, we’d like to get some Fire Escape equipment in to your hands for practice. Since all of this is so fluid, make sure to join our list host and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more timely updates!


Based on the success of a few small projects this fall quarter, we’re excited to make our COVID-conscious productions available to everyone in FEF! We’ve got spots for writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, sound designers, editors, etc — these projects are open to anyone, regardless of experience. Any and all stories/genres/styles are accepted!
If you’re interested in working on one of these projects, start by reading our COVID Production Guidelines so everyone is on the same page. Once you’re ready to go, you can start preparing your treatment/script, budget, and other materials based on the pitch form HERE
Worried about finding a crew for your project? A project that needs someone with your skills? Check out our COVID Project Matchmaking Spreadsheet to get in touch with other FEF’ers looking to get involved next quarter. You can also post in our Members’ Group if you need more help! 
We recommend having a production team ready to go before you submit a pitch to make sure you can produce on a reasonable timeline while still complying with COVID gathering guidelines. As mentioned in the Guidelines, we need to register every shoot with the Center for Leadership and Involvement in advance, and their approval requires more than 4 weeks of advance notice. 
PLEASE SUBMIT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! A DRAFT OF A SCRIPT IS FINE! We need to get started registering your shoots for approval well in advance, as the process will take 4-5 weeks.